Home Builders Association of South Carolina Insurance Plan

home builders insurance sc

SIC is pleased to offer affordable, quality employee benefits to qualifying members of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina.  This Healthcare Trust is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides superior healthcare through the power of group purchasing. Combining the buying power of all the HBA members allows employers to provide excellent health care options at competitive prices.

This group healthcare plan is underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina. Since the plan is purchased by the group and viewed as one large organization, it avoids some of the more costly requirements the ACA typically calls for. Participating employers can save on healthcare costs and at the same time take advantage of low annual renewal increases. 

The plan offers 18 benefit plan options. Employers choose plans that fit the needs of the company and its employees. Employers also set their own eligibility waiting period and contributions (subject to plan requirements).

To receive a proposal on this long-term, cost-saving health care option, contact the team at SIC. Association membership is required prior to the insurance effective date. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to provide quality health care for your employees at an affordable rate.